Curwood Consulting Group

We design solutions that transform local communities and the transportation systems that operate within them

About Us

Who is CCG?

CCG is a Transportation Demand Management company dedicated to helping transportation companies succeed their ultimate goals. CCG provides transportation consultancy services that can assist in all aspects of a successful transportation program. CCG is a company dedicated to helping transportation entities succeed their ultimate goals. 

From the demand side, CCG partners with companies looking to establish and/or enhance Commuter Shuttle Programs for their employees that will benefit their organizations and the surrounding communities. From special projects that can further enhance existing transportation programs to creating and overseeing the implementation and operation of commuter programs. 

CCG also works alongside the suppliers of services such as manufacturers and operators to ensure they meet and exceed their customer's needs by focusing on economic success and marketshare improvement. In all facets of the business such as strategic growth planning to cost efficiency studies, CCG partners with clients to ensure all aspects of their business achieve maximum gains.

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